Some health related Tips & facts


Most of us are eating too much food and are not being active enough.

What one is eating and in how much quantity is the biggest question. The amount and quality of food that one should eat depend upon various factors like one’s age, gender and how much are he or she physically involved in various activities. The amount of intake by a body should be equal to the amount of energy we unleash by doing normal physical activities every day.

Physical activities and exercise are a major contributor to a healthy lifestyle. Regular exercise can prevent an age-related decrease in muscle mass, strengthens and improves balance and flexibility of the body. Regular exercise also decreases stress and anxiety from one’s body. At least 30 minutes of walk is the must for everybody and exercising every day is more beneficial.

soda-health-facts-are-soft-drinks-really-bad-for-you_54913d84e54b6_w1500.jpgWhen it comes to a proper diet:

A healthy diet includes the right amount of calories intake, which balances the energy we put into our body with the energy that we release. For men, around 2500 kcal a day is required to maintain a healthy body weight and in the case of women, around 2000 kcal per day are required. Your diet (if healthy) should include a wide range of food so that you may get each and every nutrient that is necessary for your body.

If you want to lose your weight, target to lose near about one or one and a half kg weights per week until you acquire the desired body weight. So for this purpose, one has to consume 500-600 kcal less than required per day. A body mass index (BMI) calculator can help you decide the calorie range that you have to intake. Obviously, if you remain physically active throughout the day, you do exercise also, you need to consume more calories to maintain your weight, but if the case is opposite, i.e. if you are fat enough and want to lose, reduce your calorie intake accordingly.

    • Make healthier choices when it comes to food or drinks.

    • Wholegrain food like whole grain bread, brown rice contains fiber and other nutrient and, therefore, should be preferred.

  • Swap your cake or biscuit for a plain bun with a reduced fat spread.
  • Alcohol is also full of calories, so if you are trying to cut down your weight, avoid alcohol.
  • Eat less saturated fat.
  • Make exercise a daily part of your routine to stay fit for long.
  • A balanced diet will help you maintain good health and can help you feel your best all the time.
  • Eat a variety of fruits and vegetables (at least five) every day.
  • Protein intake is must form in of eggs, fish, milk, pulses etc.
  • Drink plenty of fluids (minimum 6-8 glasses of water) every day. Yoghurts, soya milk should also be included in your diet.

Staying fit and healthy is the most important part of one’s life because if health is not in proper order, every other happiness of life goes in vain. So friends, eat good, exercise well and stay fit.


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