How motivation can change one’s life


I must say that motivation is life changing. It exactly is kind of moving slowly, from bad to good or to take any positive action. Motivation compels us to take those actions which we have either never thought of or were never able to due to some or other reasons.

They say- “change with time is the rule of nature”, why not that change be from bad to good or from good to even better?

A person can be motivated not necessarily only by a motivational lecture but also even by an ant working with full endeavor endlessly.   Therefore, surround yourself with great people, things and you yourself will surround yourself with full motivation.

Keeping a goal in our mind helps us to motivate and inspire our self. So, a goal of everybody’s life should be crystal clear. Understand your priorities and purpose in life. They will act as a guide for you and will keep you moving in a motivating and captivating direction.

Choose to learn something new every day. Keep one thing in mind that every new day; you have to add something new to you by learning or by some new experience. For instance,  learning can be- to learn how to swim, drive or anything else in your daily life. And undoubtedly, learning things and having a curiosity to know everything deeply and in a better way is a step which you will take only when you feel motivated. Anything which you do not know or you have a gap in understanding will motivate you to fill that gap by learning those things. Be a good learner.

Dare to take challenges. Challenges can draw out the best in us. Give challenges to yourself, be it to complete a task 10 minutes earlier than always or to wake up early every morning. Challenges keep us motivated. By this, our daily productivity and efficiency will also be increased.

A determined mind will always be a motivating one. So, there should be a firm determination in one’s mind regardless of how difficult or absurd the circumstances are.

Laughter is the best remedy for every problem and is the best motivator for you as well as the persons you meet.  Don’t miss any chance to laugh, because those audible noises are the reflection and signal of joy all across the world.

Plan for a better tomorrow. Having a glimpse of a future success or any opportunity which is about to come, releases a feeling of great motivation in us.

Considering all the above points in mind, one can change his or her life. Only a little motivation is required and you are all set to rock your life better than anyone else. Try to inspire and motivate everyone around you by some or other way every day and spread happiness.


9 thoughts on “How motivation can change one’s life

  1. m really suffering alot thes days lack of motivation …lack of power to drive it ….really i dont know what actully happening with me from past few month as if sumthing is missing even i gave up wrting for a week or two its just i dont know whats is happening around me 😦

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