Revenge or forgiveness?

One cannot deny the fact that there is no escape from daily life experiences. Right?

You deal every day with different people and some of them are the ones you get over attached with.

What if they hurt you?

What if they break your trust without even perturbing about how you feel?

What if they simply leave you just like that?

You need not lose your self-control over such situations. Everyone has bad times and bad experience in life, be it a big or small one. A person is left with only two possible options in such case: either to behave patiently and opt forgiveness or to react wrathfully over it.

Which option would you seek for?

Carrying out revenge can be foolish and sometimes it proves to be devastating. All we accomplish by getting into a revenge process is just to make ourselves equal to our enemies. Revenge is basically a self-defeating process that harms no one but you.

In contrast, opting forgiveness saves you from many types of distractions. It is based on a proven formula, save yourself! It will save your time and will also evade formation of other problematic situations along. We show our wisdom and intelligence by forgiving others. Forgiveness itself is the biggest revenge.


No matter what people intentionally or unintentionally do to hurt you; all you need is to keep calm, let time give them the lesson. All you need to do is, be calm, patient and demonstrate your quality of being a kind human- forgive them! Karma and time will do the rest.

You might have heard, β€œRevenge only begets more pain, because hurting people has never resulted in happiness or relief.”

So when the two roads of revenge and forgiveness diverge ; I choose the path to forgiveness. Do you?


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