Those 5 years of pretence..!!

Falling asleep one night, she suddenly wondered….”Is he really worth it?”

Is he worth those million dollar tears?

Being part of the lot of her crazy, happy and sad thoughts?

Being part of her dream world? The world that actually didn’t exist due to persons like him in it.

Is he worth that priority?

That tremendous love and affection?

Whenever she cried; he laughed!

Every time she opened her heart out to him; he laughed!

She loved him deep down her soul, even beyond that; but he was carefree! He was a deadpan!

She wanted to be with him, for a lifetime; but it didn’t matter to him.

Were those five long years of togetherness just a pass time for him??

Thinking about it all, a sudden storm raged her head and her inner self-asked her, “Does he Deserves to be there?”

And then an inner voice replied her, “No.”
A big no.

He needs not to be there. Not at all. Not in her thoughts, not in her dreams, not in her life…..nowhere!!

It’s okay he left her,
It’s okay he shattered and tore her apart,
It’s okay he started avoiding her,
It’s okay he is up to someone else,
It’s all okay..!

His love was a pure lie…
For him, feelings were just protocols..!!

After all..
She was making memories…and he was just passing time..!!


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