Not glitters, not gold, not diamonds either..!!

“When my parents came to meet me at Chandigarh, I was very curious to know what gift they had got for me.”
They presented me a magic box containing small titbits including my favorite home cooked food. The breadth of my smile was even double!!

Even the people who have everything appreciate a GIFT.
But no gift can be as precious as the joy of being loved and being a priority to someone.

Receiving a gift starts butterflies in stomach, be it a child or a grown up. An eagerness and excitement starts..No matter what our age is.

When I look at those good old childhood days, getting goodies in small cute fancy packings was something very overwhelming.

But gone are those days now, times have changed. Getting such gifts is not much of my taste now..doesn’t mean I don’t get indulged in gifts and all…

But now the head ponders and makes me realise that, the beauty of a gift lies in its sense of appropriateness and perfect timing..! Not on what amount it holds, not on how expensive it is.

A gift should be something that catches a glow on the face and sparkle in the eyes of the person, somehow making his or her day!

It’s not the size of gift that matters but the love you put into giving cause gift is a portal of thousand unforgettable memories, a keepsake of sentiments, care and emotions.

One special thing is…the talents we have. They are god’s gift to us and how we utilise them is our gift back to god.

Not diamonds, not gold, not pearls, not riches or glitters either…a true gift is way more different..!!


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